Always buy organic.

Please note: all food I recommend is organic.


Recipe 1: Simple Asparagus

Wash and clean asparagus thoroughly.

Steam Asparagus till slightly tender.

Rub with olive oil and lemon Juice

**Sprinkle real sea salt

Add dash of pepper or red pepper flakes.

Set on a pretty plate,


**A note about sea salt.  Make sure that your salt contains iodine.

We need Iodine for a healthy thyroid. If your salt does not contain iodine, your salt lacks all benefits and is in fact harmful and drying your system out.

Our bodies require good mineralization.


Recipe 2: Cold Quinoa Asparagus Salad

What’s great about this recipe is it works for most veggies.

Once asparagus goes out of season be creative and add the next “in season” vegetable.

Also use your favorite salad dressing in place of the one I suggested.

Just make sure its oil based, creamy dressings will not work so well.


Lastly any dressing should not have palm oil or cottonseed oil.

They should list natural ingredients such as: olive oil, garlic, basil…you get the picture.


Wash and clean organic asparagus thoroughly.

Steam Asparagus till slightly tender.


Let asparagus cool off on plate while you prepare rest of food.

Steam the remainder veggies to barley tender.

1 cup uncooked quinoa

2 carrots

1 yellow or red bell peeper

1/2 bunch of Asparagus

Black olives pitted (optional)


Follow instructions for quinoa and cook and then set aside to cool.

Gently steam and cut all veggies including asparagus into chunks.

Mix vegetables, quinoa and olives to taste in salad bowl.

Add “Roasted Yellow Bell and Serrano Pepper Dressing”

Made by: Cindy’s Kitchen You can find at Whole Foods in cold section for dressing


I use about 2 tablespoons per a recipe.

Mix well and chill.

Serves 3-4







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